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Copywriting & Journalism (and pictures of typewriters)

I don't actually use a typewriter anymore. In fact, I never have done. They certainly look fetching enough though and what I do use is what they produce: words. Below are some examples of words I've written and who I've written them for. 



As a freelance journalist of some years, I've managed to cover quite a bit of territory. I've written about a whole town going mad in France, the benefits of cognitive enhancing drugs, corporate espionage in the City of London, how I nearly died from anaphylactic shock, whether having a trial with Colchester United aged 34 could elevate me to professional footballer status (it couldn't) and whether writing out pages of The Great Gatsby could make me a better writer (it could).


For years I went up and down the UK reviewing estate agencies for a monthly column (more fun than it sounds) and also wrote long-standing weekly columns for Unibet and Nordic Bet, to see if I could become a professional poker player (about as fun as it sounds). 


I've written travel articles on St. Petersburg, Seoul, Singapore and Slovakia (and, refreshingly, some places not beginning with S), a bunch of knockabout, humorous features for various men's lifestyle magazines and was the North London Section Editor for Square Meal. 


In short, I've travelled and eaten lots and tried to be funny.


Should you want to read any or all of the above, clippings are available. 









Away from fluffy and not-so-fluffy journalism, I've written all manner of things. Such things include speeches for politicians, manifestos for political parties, SEO copy on voting behaviour, and reports for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and various US Government departments on hard-to-reach populations throughout the world. From my work as an instructor and researcher, I contributed material to and wrote presentations for an eight-week course at one of the NATO Centres of Excellence.


I've also written content for websites, various marketing materials, ghostwritten forewords for architectural coffee-table books, researched and helped to write treatments for television documentaries and taught members of the Singaporean Ministry of Defence about the art of interviewing. 


Coming from a journalistic background, I can write newsletters, eye-catching press releases and blog posts that sing (for five years I wrote what was considered one of the top ten journalism blogs in the country).  


Writing samples available on request. 




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