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Uh-oh, this bit. The bit where I get to highlight some of the good things clients and commissioning editors have said about me:

"Love it. Great work. Makes editing worthwhile when I can get stuff like that into Square Mile." Martin Deeson, Editor of Square Mile


"That's excellent, a really good read." Louisa Saunders, Associate Features Editor, The Independent


"Brilliant!" Alan Yau, Founder of Wagamama and Restaurateur


"Nailed on the head, Steve Rowland. Nailed on the absolute head." Sam Coare, Front Magazine


"[Steve writes] The best blog on the internet." Mike Rampton, Comedy Central


"I am increasingly impressed with your writing and our readers often feedback to us how much they like your style and form." Alex Martin, SoldOut Magazine


"Very happy with the draft - it is very readable and concise and a strong narrative comes through. Very well written."  Major General Andrew Mackay (Ret.)


"Very good."  Bill Hagerty, Editor of The British Journalism Review


"I love it!" Zac Petit, Editor of Writer's Digest


"Really enjoying these Steve. Knew there was a reason I hired you. Best read on the site so far." Dan Fitch, Content Manager, Unibet


"I think the piece is great - really nicely written." Charlotte Northedge, The Guardian



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